Review: For Your Pleasure // Roxy Music 

The raspy sax, dramatic vocals, and ostentatious instrumentation could just as easily have a place in a gaudy musical as they do on this album.

Zero build step web apps for fun and profit

I wanted to note down the zero build step setup I’ve been using for SPA prototypes and hobby projects over the last year. I’ve found this combination of tools and trade offs keeps me productive and gives me peace of mind that I won’t return to a codebase hobbled by abandoned dependencies and breaking changes …

Review: Skin // Joy Crookes 

Weaving larger-than-life arrangements with razor-sharp yet feather-light lyricism, Crookes sits as the centerpiece of a kind of big band pop.

Review: Friends That Break Your Heart // James Blake 

Blake’s vocals are, predictably, beautiful; Blake’s production is, predictably, meticulous; and it’s all, predictably, quite predictable.

Review: Sinner Get Ready // Lingua Ignota 

Uncompromising, and very brutal indeed. Some listeners will struggle to see it through to the end, whereas others will feel oddly comforted by its harshness.

Review: Is This It // The Strokes 

Each note of every individual performance is captured and presented perfectly, with the ragged spirit of the band left intact. It’s scruffy yet masterful.

Review: CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST // Tyler, the Creator 

The record transcends hip-hop, a buttery fusion of rap, soul, synth-pop, jazz, and a whole lot more. There’s even a reggae section that hits the spot.


The Surprising Things That CSS Can Animate / Coder’s Block
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These are great, the example transitioning the visibility of the modal is especially handy.

A Lab-Grown-Meat Startup Gets the FDA’s Stamp of Approval | WIRED UK
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Truly living in the future.

“I Repeat: Do Not Listen to Your Users”
a blog by Jeff Atwood on programming and human factors
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Interesting to see this article from 2008. A time before people were privacy poor and cookie unaware, the clear message that observing, rather than asking, users to glean insight is the most effective exercise is excellent.