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I'm Andrew Bridge.
I'm a web developer and a student.

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I am a web developer in South East England.

I'm passionate about powerful functionality and making that functionality look beautiful.

I'm constantly interested in the new and the upcoming but I like to make anything I create available for everyone.

I am always interested in new projects and ventures.




PHP Flash Javascript Java HTML
CSS RESTful APIs MySQL Apache server .htaccess scripts Image Manipulation Packages

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MobileMap Game Engine
Alex Michaelides
Robust Rambles
Thanet Walking Festival
John Hayes Archive

While gaining experience in the 9 years in which I have been a web developer, I have amassed a large number of projects. These have varied in complexity, organisation and purpose, stretching my skills and knowledge further.

The projects displayed are just some of the work that I have taken part in creating as a web developer, but it demonstrates some of the largest and most successful work I have done thus far.

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Using SSH agent on Windows with Cmder and without eval

I’ve been using Cmder for around a year now, and I really like it. It provides me with the goodness of some bash features along with many GNU commands that Linux and Unix users will be familiar with, while fitting in well on top of the Windows Command Prompt. It does this by packaging together several … Continue reading Using SSH agent on Windows with Cmder and without eval

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